Sean Penn and daughter Dylan had 'Two-Hour Standaff' on Rommel's mask in the movie game

Sean Penn
    Sean Penn and the daughter of him Dylan had a "two-hour uprising" on the mask of mascara on the set of his new movie.
    The actor and the winning filmmaker of the Oscar directs his daughter on the next day of the flag, which was received by slight reviews when premiered at the Cannes Film Festival this summer.
    While it appears together in the US chat program. UU by Stephen Colbert on Thursday (August 19), Dylan remembered having experienced the tension with her father on the set, only once.
    "We had a specialization, I think it was a two-hour confrontation about a note I had," said Dylan. "About if she could use more of the mask or do not use mask."
    After being asked by Colbert, whether the couple has done it out in a private way or in front of the crew, Dylan confirmed that he played publicly, and that her father "won" the argument.
    "Once it became clear that she was making the wrong decision, I just left and I sat down," added Sean. "And then the silence was from which the crew had to live for two hours, while the tens discovered it."
    Dylan Penn, Sans Mascara, next to her father in 'Flag Day' (MGM / United artists)
    The day of the flag revolves around a young woman who must reach an agreement with the emotional wounds left by her father, a prominent with an artist.
    Dylan is one of the two children born to Sean and the former wife of Him Robin Wright. The other child of her, are hopper, it also appears on the day of the flag.
    The day of the flag is published in the US cinemas. UU today (August 20), with a launch of the United Kingdom yet to be determined.