Sean Penn speaks directing the daughter of the daughter and the scenes near the rape

Sean Penn
    Sean Penn has directed Jack Nicholson, Viggo Mortensen and Kristen Stewart in memorable films; But he tells Yahoo, it was nothing like directing his daughter.
    The last film of him, day of the flag, is directing him an adaptation of the memory of Jennifer Vogel, the man of Floign Flam-Flam, with him as the congratory John Vogel, and the children of him with the ex-wife Robin Wright , Dylan and Hopper Penn.
    "It was really intense," Dylan tells Yahoo Entertainment about the realization of some of the scenes of the flag's day with her father, whether he acts in front of her or looking from behind the camera. "I thought it would be really difficult to be so vulnerable and naked, in a certain sense, in front of the 50-year-old crew members who did not know very well, but I think I was working with my family, I felt very supported to be able to do that" .
    Sean also had his doubts, heading it during screaming games, drug abuse and close to rape: "There are a couple of scenes where the one who has invited her to tear and be her father would disagree for me. I felt I should call me At child protection services in myself a couple of times! But I was so inverted and surprising wonderful, so in terms of being a director who dreams of having a performance to use in a movie that way, it was more exciting than Express ".