Sean Penn grabs the focus of attention, it will not let him go in the story of 'Flag Day' with man

Sean Penn
    "FLAG DAY"
    Rated R. In Landmark Kendall Square.
    Grade b-
    With Sean Penn as a Flea of ​​Real Life and Father John Vogel and the daughter of Penn, Dylan Penn, like Vogel's long daughter, Jennifer, "Flag Day", is based on a book of nonfiction of Jennifer Vogel . History, located in the '70s', 80s and 90s, begins with a confusing Chase scene and the revelation that Vogel Pere has printed $ 22 million in counterfeit invoices of $ 100. "It's beautiful," Jennifer murmurs While you have an invoice offered by an FBI Agent (Regina King on a truncated paper).
    Penn plays the Vogel Chain of his 30 years at 50 years, I suppose, and I found it difficult to believe that the actor could play a man in his 30 years. In any case, Penn does not depend on a single gray hair in the film. Vogel is supposed to be one of those souls and adorable stunning that possibly can not maintain conventional work. He must live for his ingenuity and participate in the condor of the garment when he is not drawing one of the small sketches of him while listening to Chopin.
    In opening scenes, we listen to Emo music and Jennifer's voice on the shots of a large road cowboy sign that he saw in childhood when his father led to the family, she, her little sister, Nick (Cole Flynn as a child , Hopper Penn as an adult) and its beautiful, Booze Hound Mother Patty (Katheryn Winnick, "Vikings") throughout the country in a wagon from the station.
    "Flag Day", who shot in Canada, should be about Jennifer's fight to separate from her father and make a life of her. But Penn can not keep the camera of himself. Vogel, which seems to be in business with types of motorcycles, treating drugs, is not really very interesting, entertaining or tragic. He tries to be a father, and apparently the few times he spends time with the children of him give a great impression on Jennifer. We see her and Nick when the children (in these scenes, Jennifer is played by YouTube and Instagram Sensation Jadyn Rylee) swimming and sailing on a lake in Minnesota with her father.
    The lyrical edition of Michelle Treasure ("The Queen's Gambit") and Valdis Oskarsdottir (TV's "The Valhalla Murders") is one of the strongest elements of the film, weaving action in an ideal landscape of memories. But overall, "Flag Day" is a Wannabe movie John Cassavetes with large emo fireworks, but it lacks a group dynamics of Cassavetes. The script of the English playwright Jez Butterworth ("Misa Negra") meandros. During the stage of her father in jail for bank robbery, Jennifer goes to college and receives a journalism title and a job with a newspaper.
    The father born in Lawrence of Sean Penn, Leo Penn, who was an actor once on the blacklist, became a television director of such shows as "I spy", "lost in space", "Star Trek "And" Little House in the meadow ". Maybe one day, someone will write an article about what reveals the "flag day" on Penn Family values. The film ends with a ridiculous staging of the confrontation of Vogel de Raining with the police on live TV. The star until the end.
    ("Flag Day" contains profanity, use of drugs and violence.)