French funeral of her: thousands of thousands of Chicago police officer fail in Thursday's service

Ella French
    Thousands of mourners attended or saw the funeral service on Thursday by the police officer of Fallen Chicago Ella French, who was murdered and murdered during a traffic stop earlier this month. Dear beings, colleagues and public officials met for 10 a.m. Service in St. Rita de Cascia Shrine Chapel, who was also live on Chicago Police's social networking platforms. A sea of ​​officers in their blue dress uniforms were formed outside St. Rita as Dolientes, including Mayor Lori Lightfoot, ex Mayor Richard M. Daley, and the main staff and friends of the department, were slowly presented in the Interior to remember the French officer. Cardinal Blease Cuplich delivered the homily in the funeral mass. Outside, a great American flag greeted from the stairs of the Chicago Fire Department trucks. The line of the mourners who enter the church passed by a photo of the French smiling with gloves and baton. The ceremony began about 30 minutes late to accommodate the hundreds of others still waiting online when the scheduled start time arrived. As happens when an officer dies on the duty line, men and women who use the green police uniforms of the Illinois State, the white hats of the Chicago Fire Department, and the uniforms of the departments throughout the state and more There they were attending. On Wednesday afternoon, Miles visited the same church on the south side to pay their respects during the afternoon visitation. During a vigil on Tuesday, the brother of the officer of 29, Andrew French, described how his sister "loved a lot and loved this city." "She loved everything about it, except the unpleasant parts we all know," said Andrew French. "And she made a point of becoming a police officer to try to change those things." French is the first member of the department that will be killed in the line of duty in almost three years. She is the Fifth Mother of the Department to die on the line of duty and the first since 1988, three years before the Frenchman was born. Although she is the first officer to shoot Chicago this year, she was just one of the more than 40 officers who have been dismissed, 11 of whom have been beaten by bullets. The Frenchman was killed and another officer was injured critically on August 7 when a man who rides in a vehicle that the officers had withdrawn due to an expired license plate opened fire. The suspect in the shooting, the Monty Morgan of 21 years, shot at the abdomen for a third officer. He was later accused of murder in the first degree of a peace officer and tried murder. His brother, Eric Morgan, 22, that prosecutors, have said that he was driving the vehicle, was also arrested. He is faced with arms charges and an obstruction of the burden of justice. Both were kept in the Cook County jail without bail. A third man accused of acting as a straw buyer to buy the pistol that was used to kill federal charges of French arms.