'El Protégé' does not hit the brand

The Protégé
    Bill Goodykoontz.
    Republic of Arizona
    "The protégé" is one of those films that sounds so well on paper that maybe I should have stayed there.
    Putting Maggie Q, Michael Keaton and Samuel L. Jackson together in a twisted action thriller sounds like a great idea. It's a great idea. It is the film itself is missing. Director Martin Campbell does a good job with action, violence is the level of "John Wick".
    The script of Richard Wenk is not. He does the minimum work of getting Anna from Maggie Q, a killer expert, from a scene to the next, but not much more. Seeing the interactions of him with Keaton and Jackson prevents the film from failure, as well as the scenes of choreographed bone by experts, but it is impossible not to believe that this could have been better.
    The film begins in Vietnam in the 1990s, when Moody (Jackson) comes with a bath of blood, with a lot of turtles sleeping durable to death. The only living person is a young Anna, and she is holding a weapon. We will discover as Campbell returns to another in the time that Moody takes Anna and teaches what she knows best. What is how to be an elite killer.
    She is the protégé of him, in other words.
    Moody makes a pretty good life, judging by the castle, like the home, he lives. Anna has a rare book store as a front, although she really loves and knows books. One day, a man named Rembrandt (Keaton) walks, looking for a gift for his wife of his head. He and Anna are committed to meeting with the beautiful joke.
    Except that this is not that, really. Soon the events pitch Anna and Rembrandt directly against each other. It is a kind of delicate dance that is generally in romance, except that this time they are trying to kill each other. And both are really good for killing.
    What does not mean that there is no space to flirt while you are throwing sharp objects from each other or dodging bullets.
    There are some decent surprises, since Anna goes after the villain, a really bad man that Rembrandt is protecting, although in the cynical form of Keaton. However, that does not mean that Rembrandt does not take work seriously.
    There are also some quite absurd turns, and, of course, for the story to work people who normally never get lost with a pistol, suddenly, can not achieve one thing. However, the film is not scared either, Ahem, send characters when he is not waiting for it.
    Jackson does the usual thing of Jackson: the cords meet the profanes in some way that somehow remains fun. It works because it makes it work.
    Keaton is something like Bill Murray, since he almost always plays the same kind of character, a lovely intelligent-Aleck, who is smart enough to be a step ahead of almost everyone else, which does it without alertable . (What is also the reason why Keaton was the best Bruce Wayne of all)? He is always very fun to see.
    Meanwhile, Maggie Q, also causes a cold ice cream seems effortlessly. We received some backsty during the flashbacks, but for the most part, the film presents it as a murder machine, without much time for much more (except an unusually exhaustive knowledge of rare books). She is convincing enough with her to make you worry about the character, but filmmakers do not give him a lot of help.
    Too. "The protégé" has so many great elements, many reasons why he should be better than it is. The main ones between them are Maggie Q, Keaton and Jackson. But they can only do much, and ultimately, the film feels flat. Like many of the bad anonymous bad guys, you just can not hit the brand.
    'El Protégé'
    Two stars
    of four stars.
    Classified R; Strong and bloody violence, language, sexual references, brief nakedness.
    1 hour, 49 minutes
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