Sean's daughter Penn Dylan Penn Rocks Black Dress: Photo-Hollywood Life

Sean Penn
    Dylan Penn left this week in a small black dress with his famous father's father in New York. And he was very similar to my mother Robin Wright.
    Sean Penn I went out with my daughter Dylan in New York on Thursday, August 19, and her 30-year-old designer seemed like a steakhouse of her mother Robin Wright ... A veteran actor, 61, and her daughter were discovered in the form of Filter the appearance. Late show with Stephen Colbert before the release of his new anniversary of the movie flag. Dylan shook a small black dress while her father chose a stack suit.
    Dylan ended his eyes with black pointed heels and an elegant saucepan. The famous father of her immediately followed behind the blue suit and mask from her face. Dylan is one of Sean's two sons with Robin, who was previously married between 1996 and 2010. The two also share his Hopper Hurn, 28, together, will appear on the other side of his father and sister on the next anniversary of the flag of the drama movie. , Released on August 20.
    Sean and Dylan, who led the film based on a real story, breaking its close ties when Jennifer discovers that her father is one of the most notorious counterfeiters of history. He directs a film that follows perfectly to the dynamics. Hopper correctly starring as a member of the duo family. Katheryn Winnick, Josh Brolin, when Regina King also starred by the film.
    The anniversary of the national flag marks the first film in which Dylan starred with her father. Week, my father and daughter of the variety of duo of the "strength" to work together in the film premiere in Los Angeles. "When I read the script for the first time, the actor's face rarely dominated what he was reading. Dylan's face was engraved on page 30," he said, be the way out. ..
    "The intensity was what I expected, but the joy of working with him as director and co-star was really amazing and, at the same time, reassuring," Dylan added. He continued saying: "It is really easy to play it as another actor because he gives you a lot of work." Sean said that he and the daughter of him were the dynamics of him as a father and daughter. He revealed that he injected something in a serious role in others.
    "We have similarities in the dynamic humor and defects of him, especially I am a father," said the actor. "In the end, the most common was that I love children to the confines of the world. I think John Vogel did him in his own mess of him."