Buccaneers Antonio Brown thrown out of practice after hitting the player Titans on his face

Antonio Brown
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers Woodout Antonio Brown once again made headlines.
    During a joint practice with Tennessee Titans on Thursday afternoon, Brown was expelled from practice after he realized the defensive titans of Chris Jackson's helmet, the Tampa Bay Times reported. The photos eventually emerged online and showed brown landing a clean punch on the face.
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    The newspaper reported that Brown took off Jackson's helmet during a simulation one by one. Brown was frustrated after an incomplete pass in the final area, and apparently he shouted: "Do not stop here" Jackson. The corner Titans answered saying: "Do not press me in the face."
    After its air-conditioned exchange, everything intensified. According to reports, coaches and players of both teams left the field for a short time before returning. The brown finally also returned to practice 7 on-7 drills.
    Last season, Brown played a key role for buccaneers during his incredible Super Bowl career.
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    After signing with the Temporary Middle Team, Brown ended the year with 45 receptions for 483 receptor yards and four touchdowns. In his victory of Super Bowl on the heads of the city of Kansas, Brown had five catches for 22 yards and a score.
    Now, with a full low season under his belt, Brown's role could certainly increase at the offense of Tampa Bay with Tom Brady in the center.