Buccaneers: Antonio Brown can have a future as a boxer

Antonio Brown
    Antonio Brown is already one of the best receptors of the NFL, and can also have a boxing race after his time with Buccaneers.
    Antonio Brown is quickly becoming a legend in Tampa. The excellent playoff performances en route to the Super Bowl and a great training camp before the title defense is an excellent way to start, but nothing gets the fans behind you as a player more than a good fight.
    The fight is an inevitable part of sports. In a physical sport like football, hoping that fights never happen is nothing less than naive.
    When you upload someone for 60 minutes with constant contact, garbage talk and all other tricks in the book, fights are forced to happen. Hockey can have monopoly in the struggle sanctioned by sport outside professional fight sports, but at least football should look at it.
    Hockey has become to fight against a strategy, and apparently, Antonio Brown has been taking notes of fellow champions of him in Tampa Bay's lightning.
    In a joint practice relatively chippy today with the Titans, several fights exploded to the consternation of coaching staff. The coaches are fine with energy in the games, but it is assumed that a practice like this takes a little more respect in their eyes. Regardless, players and fanatics love him, and Brown is building a decent amount of influence for himself with a recent viral image.
    Is Antonio Brown the Enforcer for the Bucners now?
    #Bucs WR Antonio Brown and #Titans CB Chris Jackson was put into joint practices today. It seems that AB could start Jackson's helmet and land a clean blow. pic.twitter.com/ra0zreum4t - Ari Meirov (@mysportsupdate) August 19, 2021
    In the image, Brown looks landing an absolute hay in Titans Corner Chris Jackson. The fact that Brown could land a success like this with other players and trainers who try to break makes a movement even more impressive.
    The Buccaneers and Antonio Brown are not known for this type of heat during the games, but it is nothing more than good for Tampa to make progress. A burning team that is willing to get this pumped during practice after winning the Super Bowl is an excellent way to keep the team focused, and nowadays, Brown was the one that brought that fire.
    It is also worth pointing with a punch like this that there are many celebrities and former athletes who are making their hand on boxing. The bag is generally quite generous for people who are not even professionals, and with blows like that, Brown can make some decent money and join some victories against ex T.V. Stars if he plays his cards.
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